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More Benefits of Table Tennis: It’s Good for Hand-Eye Coordination

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Hand-eye coordination is a skill that requires you to match the control of your eye movement with that of your hand movement, using visual input as a guide. Hand-eye coordination is a skill used in everyday life for everything from driving a vehicle to using the mouse on your computer, and it is a skill that can be developed and improved throughout life. That skill, however, tends to decline if we don’t use it regularly.

There are many sports and activities that can help you improve your hand-eye coordination. If you feel that your hand-eye coordination is not at its best, one of the best things you can do to improve that skill is to play table tennis. Because table tennis is a fairly rapid-paced game that requires you to use visual stimulus to respond quickly enough to hit the ball, it is a great way to improve that skill.

Other activities that can help you improve your hand-eye coordination include juggling, playing catch, tennis and racquetball (or even just hitting the ball against the wall). However, we think playing table tennis is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve the skill, improve your reaction times and increase your ability to concentrate.

If table tennis is the game you’d like to have around for hand-eye coordination (as well as tons of fun), we have a number of tables in stock, including a couple of tables designed to be used outside, such as the Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table. These tables are weather proof and sturdy, offering you a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while also being active and social. And if you can’t find anyone to join you for a table tennis match, the JOOLA iPong Table Tennis Training Buddy can help you improve and maintain your hand-eye coordination.

Table Tennis – It’s more than Just a Basement Pastime

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Table tennis has been around for at least a couple of hundred years. The game was first played in England as a simply parlor gam in the late 1800s. Rumor has it that the game was actually invented by British officers stationed in India and was initially played using books as both racquets and nets. A golf ball was used for play.

What was once considered a parlor game is now a serious competitive sport requiring strategy and lightning-fast reflexes. The game can be played by two or four players who take turns volleying the ball back and forth. The ball can only bounce once on a player’s side before being returned. Professional and serious players are experts at putting “spin” on the ball so that it will be more difficult to predict where the ball will land.

Table tennis rules and regulations are governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), which has existed since the early 1900s and now has more than 200 member associations. Table tennis has been an Olympic sport since the 1980s, with men’s, women’s and team events. China has dominated Olympic table tennis competition since its inclusion, with the exception of an Olympic gold-medal win by Sweden’s Jan-Ove Waldner in 1992 and a silver-medal win in 2000.

Playing table tennis is a fun way to get active, whether or not you’re trying to make the Olympic team. The next summer Olympics, in 2016, will be held in Rio, so it might be worth brushing up on your skills. JOOLA is the official table sponsor of the ITTF, and we have a competition grade JOOLA Duomat table in stock and ready for you to polish your spin.