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Do I Have Enough Room for a Pool Table?

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Having a pool table in your home can be a great addition, but you need to make sure it will fit in your available space. The first thing to consider is that pool tables come in multiple sizes. A “regulation” pool table doesn’t have to be a specific size; it simply has to be twice as long as it is wide. The most common sizes for pool tables are:

  • 7-foot table, which has a playing surface of 39″ x 78″
  • 8-foot table, which has a playing surface of 44″ x 88″
  • 8-foot oversized table, which has a playing surface of 46″ x 92″
  • 9-foot table, which has a playing surface of 50″ x 100″

Of course, you need to have space for more than the pool table. You don’t want your friends putting pool sticks through walls and windows, so you need enough space around the pool table to make it possible to play the game.

Cues are 56 to 58 inches long, so you can roughly estimate that you’ll need five feet on each side of the pool table to have a proper play area. If you don’t have quite that much space ,there are other options, such as shorter cue sticks, but it’s often best to go with a small enough table to give you the play room you need.

Yet another option is knocking out a wall here and there in order to create the perfect game room, but that’s something you’ll have to talk over with your significant other. Whether you have a game room or just a room to spare, the most important thing to consider before purchasing your pool table is whether or not you have enough room to enjoy playing the game in the space you have. We can help you determine what type of table will work best for your space, and we’ll really listen to you and help you achieve your goals, not ours.