Curb Side Shipping?

The Internet has brought a lot of convenience to shopping. Customers are used to high level package services that drop off their purchase on their porch or at the back door. Unfortunately, this does NOT directly translate into how larger items are handled and we would like to educate our customers so that they are very clear as to any level of service being purchased.

Anything over 150 lbs ( including pallet )  needs to ship by a LTL carrier. These are trucking companies that have structured their business around commercial freight but that also offer residential and single piece delivery services. The base service that these companies offer is called “curb side” delivery, which we also refer to as “back of truck”

What is curb side? The driver will get the truck as close to your residence as possible and park “curb side”. (S)He will go into the van of the truck and move your item to the very end of the truck. From this point, with this level of service, it is the receivers responsibility to have enough help on hand to remove the item(s) and move it safely inside.

There are many drivers who will help beyond the end of the truck, but it is important to note that they are NOT obligated to do so.

To manage curbside delivery you can “break” the pallet and remove individual components so they are lighter. Just be sure you have help on hand to manage the largest units. if you need help understanding how your order will be configured, please give us a call and we will be happy to give you a breakdown. If curbside sounds like too much trouble, consider upgrading to liftgate, inside delivery or a delivered and assembled option.