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Halloween Safety Tips from eFamilyFun

Monday, October 21st, 2013

We talk a lot about man caves here, and while we believe every man (and woman) should have their castle, we’re a very family-oriented company as well. We love the trend that we’ve seen happening across the country where more people are disconnecting from electronics and spending real, quality time with their kids. It does make a difference.

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about doing their part to keep kids safe as they indulge in their sugar fix of the season. Don’t forget to:

  • Make sure no matter what kind of costume your kids are wearing that they can see clearly and have good visibility.
  • Have kids wear something reflective, so that motorists can see them.
  • Keep your kids from running out into the street or between vehicles.
  • Thoroughly check candy before allowing your kids to eat it, and never let them eat treats while they are trick-or-treating, as you will not be able to check the candy well in the dark, and you may not be able to tell if they are choking.

If your kids have outgrown trick-or-treating or you’d prefer to celebrate at home, it’s a great time to host a Halloween party. If you don’t have a game room or a kid-friendly man cave, you can transform a basement, barn or garage into a perfect party place, with a few decorations, lots of fun foods and some great games.

We have everything you need to make your party a success, from a juke box to play spooky tunes to an assortment of bean bag chairs and the best selection of game room tables imaginable.

No matter how you celebrate the harvest season, we hope you enjoy some time with your family. And if you do have trick-or-treaters in your home, be sure to share your favorite pictures on our Facebook page.

Unplug and Enjoy Family Time

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Most of them will fit in the palm of your hand. They are small. They are EVERYWHERE.

No, we’re not talking about ping pong balls.

From phones to handheld gaming devices, regardless of the kind of electronic entertainment in which your children may have their faces buried, these small devices have changed the way that family members interact with each other. It is difficult for parents to compete with the instant gratification that their kids realize from these gadgets. And if we are truly honest with ourselves, adults tend to have the same challenge. We all need to learn to unplug and interact with each other as humans from time to time!

Families need to get back to spending time together, talking to each other face to face instead of screen to screen. There are so many things that families can do to encourage the kind of togetherness that will compel everyone to put the handheld gadgets aside, so that they can plug into each other instead of plugging in to their devices.

Family game night is a first-rate option for improving interaction. And there are a variety of game options that can be tailored to family members of any age. Create a game room space in your home that includes table tennis and foosball, encouraging everyone to not only disconnect but to get up from the sofa and move a little. You are sure to find some game that can be fun for everyone.

You don’t have to permanently replace electronics with a specific activity; simply set a time when electronic devices are turned off before bed, giving everyone a chance to take care of different tasks and activities that may otherwise be overlooked.

As parents, we need to ensure that our children do not turn into little machines themselves – and that starts by setting the right example and disconnecting, too. As human beings, we thrive on face-to-face human interaction. Going head to head playing table tennis, foosball or air hockey can help maintain mental and physical skills, and we can foster the skills of being benevolent human beings, void of the constant distractions of this electronic age.

Man Cave Recipes

Monday, October 7th, 2013

If you have even a small corner of your house that you can call your own, and you’ve been able to turn that space into a man cave – even if it is only furnished with a sofa, a TV and a pool table – consider yourself lucky. And invite all of your friends who aren’t quite so fortunate to enjoy a game with you.

To plan the perfect man-cave gathering, you’ll need a game schedule, some extra seating, a variety of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and lots of food. While bags of chips and bowls of peanuts, as well as delivered pizza, will also work, consider preparing a few of our favorite man-cave recipes that are simple enough you won’t have to ask for help in the kitchen.

Pizza Rolls

You could buy the frozen ones, but if you’re looking for something a little more stylish, these are easy enough to make. All you need is pizza dough, sauce, cheese and your favorite meat topping. This video from Man Cave Meals will walk you through the process of making these delicious man-cave treats.


These may be messy, but they are oh-so-delicious. Our favorite recipe starts with a sturdy taco chip of your choice. Then add nacho cheese, taco meat, black olives, jalapeños, onions, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Pile the ingredients high. And be sure you have plenty of napkins on hand.

Beer Cheese Soup

While this one takes a little more prep time, you can leave it on the stove once it’s done, keeping it warm. You can go back for more whenever you want. The ingredients are simple enough: onion, a bottle of beer, Worcestershire sauce, flour, butter, chicken broth, mustard, and cheese. Learn how to make this recipe from Man Cave Munchies.

Popcorn on Demand

No man cave is complete (guests or no guests) without popcorn. We make it easy for you enjoy this treat with the Paragon Cineplex Popcorn Machine. Popcorn can be at the ready whenever you are ready to escape.