Basketball system selected!

So it took me a long time but I finally bit the bullet on my basketball system. In the end I went with a first team Powerhouse Challenger Nitro. I wanted 60″ and I wanted glass for better rebound and in the end i just was not willing to compromise on those characteristics . I did compromise a bit on the setback and the frame mount style, but I needed to economize somewhere. The setback should not really effect play. The frame mount style is only an issue with an acrylic backboard. With the style i chose, the bounce would have been reduced with acrylic. I did select glass, so I decided that was not critical.

I also went with padding and a retention net because there will be a hill behind my mount. now I have to get out my shovel and get to work! i am going to pre dig the hole and get my cement lined up and ready in anticipation of an arrival early next week. After that I will post some pictures of the completed project.

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