Sky Ski Roll

mls_0001This is one of my favorite sports related pictures ( ok the kid is my daughter so I am biased ). We spend a ton of time on the water as a family. When my daughter was about 12 she started riding an air chair and then migrated to the Sky Ski ( both are sit down hydrofoils ). We arranged to get some professional instruction from Scott Honkola and he taught my daughter to “bunny hop”. Her wanted her to do those hops 100 times up and down the lake, which she did. Eventually she developed a really crazy jump that turned into a huge wake jump. She started trying to flip and would just crash all the time. I kept on coaching her to “jump first” but this was a dad to a daughter and would just dissolve into tears. In any case, this picture is lifted from a video made in the summer of 2009. She was 19 at the time. Way cool, I think

Next up pictures of my 12 year old son learning to spin on his board. he has invert aspirations as well so I imagine the tears are about to start all over again!

Do we sell wakeboards and hydrofoils? Nope, but we do focus on recreation. If there is enough interest, I would LOVE to add a water sports section or maybe start a separate site. it is a real passion of mine.

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